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Feb.16 2001
In a move intended to quiet speculation about the file sharing program's fate, Napster and German media giant Bertelsmann unveiled their plan to create a legal, non-infringing version of Napster on Friday.

The proposed changes are almost guaranteed to make the next generation of the program virtually unrecognizable from the software which has caused a worldwide sensation over the last year, although the parties involved insist the changes will be almost undetectable for the average user.

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The Day the
Bandwidth Died

File Sharing Applications
Detailed reviews of the apps people are using to share music and files on the Net. We break 'em down. We have the ones you can trust and the ones you should probably avoid..

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The Best of netwebly
A collection of our most popular reviews and articles from our first two years on the Web.

Includes New Version of MP3 soon, CD dead by 2005, Napster Use Rises At Historic pace , Ogg Vorbis, The MP3 Law , Meet the Weasels, Cult of the Dead Cow, Autonuke, It's Your Customer Service, Homer, and so very much more.

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This past year has seen some unusual alliances created on the Net. AOL-Time Warner. Bertelsmann-Napster.


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Master Napster

Our guide to using Napster - and other file sharing programs like it - effectively and safely. Find the good stuff. Understand the issues involved. Protect your security and your privacy.

Click and (hopefully) Ye shall find.
master napster -  napster is one of those programs you can figure out in about five minutes.  But as usually is the case with programs like it, there is a lot more going on beneath the surface. Tricks you should know about, tips, all kinds of good stuff.

Napster Man
Our Directory of important digital entertainment sites presented in our easy to use weblog/directory format.

Including stuff you can download, stuff you can listen to. Even stuff you can read. Scroll with it, baby.

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Bush and the Tech Nation
"If you think the Clinton/Gore crowd struggled with technology, wait till you get a load of these people, they think the Net is another planet. There is absolutely nobody high up in this new administration who is familiar with the Net, and when they do hear about it, it's all hackers and perverts. It's going to be weird, I promise you."

- Unidentified Washington Post Reporter as quoted by Jon Katz on Slashdot

Stuff to Make You Feel Better
A collection of some of our older material preserved in the spirit of general usefulness and good netizenship. The log files say you like this stuff. So it stays.

Includes: Dreamweaver, Dot Gone: The Free ISPs , Search Engines & Directories, Web Browsers, the employment sites.

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