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Instant Messaging meets Napster - Aimster

Take two of the hottest killer apps to ever hit the Net, figure out a way to somehow meld them, and you probably have the recipie for a serious hit on your hands. By combining the ideas behind Napster and instant messanging, Aimster has come up with an idea that may change the Net forever.

A lot of people thought AOL would act quickly to shut these guys down. So far, however, that hasn't happened, probably because the online giant doesn't want to risk coming across as heavy handed during the approval process for the AOL-Time Warner deal.

Update: 11.22 Aimster has "deactivated" current versions of this application. For the time being you won't be able to download the program or use it to trade files. In a statement, the company says the move was necessary to work out "connection hassles and download glitches" Hmmmmmm...........

A new version of the program is scheduled for release 12/6/2000. The remodeled application will include a new, slightly flashier interface and an impressive number of new features. The company is also promising a wrinkle that could turn Aimster into a many-headed monster if it actually comes to pass: compatibility with nearly all of the other instant messaging services including Yahoo, MSN, iCQ chat and others.

To take a look at a screen shot of the new version click here.

Mac version promised.

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