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The netwebly Guide Archives - Pardon our mess, we're reorganizing. The following are in some sort of order - but you're right if you're guessing its not chronological.

You are Forgiven |Archives: Spring 2000
You've just spent the last two and a half hours in a meeting listening to a fellow with thick glasses and a grimy beard talk endlessly about "routers" and "nodes" and "triple redundant vaporware" along with a bunch of bizzare, half-baked terms you've never heard of before. So your head hurts. It's supposed to. more.

Software we'd like to see: Auto-Nuke | Archives: Fall 1999
An application like this would probably raise serious legal issues, but there's no doubt that if released, this software would be the first real killer app of 2001.

Deleting the Weaselspace | Spring 2000
Meet the Weasels. The web site designers your momma warned you about. more

Exiled Dave Strikes Back | 10.9.2000
In one of the first attacks of its kind, a hacker broke through security protecting the web site of the Orange County Register September 30th and made changes to site content that went undetected for nearly two hours. more

602p Rides Again |10.9.2000
A widely-circulated email hoax which caused a lot of confusion last year has reared its ugly little head again - this time in a televised debate between the candidates in the New York Senate race. more

The Death of Web Design | 9.25.2000
Persnickety web usability guru Jakob Nielson touches off a minor civil war in the web development community with an inflammatory article that argues web design is dead. more

LivePerson | Fall 1999
We've heard the mantra repeated so many times its starting to sound like a cd skip.The key to a successful e-commerce site is excellent customer service...customer service...customer service. Many web sites (and traditional companies) are outsourcing customer service.

Guess what? It may not be such a hot idea

Bootcamp for Start-ups | Spring 2000
You've got game - or at least you're pretty sure you do. You picked up your Ivy league MBA for next to nothing. You've got the required cast of geeks, and a bunch of cool computer equipment and category five cable to go with your pool table. Hell, you've even got a thing that looks suspiciously like a business plan sitting on your coffee table. There's only one problem.You have no idea what you're doing.

The few. The proud. The desperately in need of a crash course in in Net business fundamentals. Hey Ho, Let's go... | Spring 2000
"Eat Like a Bird, Poop like an Elephant, Think Digital, Act Analog and Don't Ask People to Do Something You Wouldn't...." read article

Are the Users Next? |10.10.2000's Janelle Brown came up with a excellent piece last week which discusses the legal and technical problems next generation file-sharing applications like Gnutella are likely to face in the future.

In the "Gnutella Paradox" Brown brings up the biggest problem facing file-sharing services: as soon as applications like Napster and Gnutella get big enough to become useful, they inevitably attract the attention of the powers that be - leading to a contentious cycle of innovation and litigation that is likely to continue for years.

Grateful_Dead.MP3 |10.10.2000
The surviving members of the Grateful Dead
are unhappy with other people making money off unauthorized versions of their music in cyberspace, according to a report which ran in USA Today earlier this week. more

Napster Use Continues To Rise at Historic Pace
According to a survey by digital entertainment research group Webnoize, Napster use surged to another all time high last month. Fueled by interest in the second round of the trial between the recording industry and the high flying file-sharing company, the number of downloads over Napster's servers reached a staggering 1.4 billion in in the month of September. more

The Napster Factor [10.9.2000]
Facing polls that show him falling behind Republican George W. Bush in the race for the Presidency, Vice President Al Gore talks with Red Herring Magazine.

The conversation that results says a lot about the man who may be our next President. more

The MP3 Bill [10.9.2000]
Virginia Democrat Rich Boucher introduces bipartisan legislation in the House that may have a profound impact on what you can do with your MP3s. more

Finding a Job at a Startup [10.9.2000]
Best known for the role it plays in helping Net startups find venture capital and the series of boot camps it holds for entrepreneurs, recently began posting jobs openings at some of the companies it helps launch. more

NewsSearch.Userland [10.9.2000]
Although it could easily be argued that this searchearch engines index the ent NewsSearch.userland is still a valuable addition to your arsenal of web power tools. more

Napster Ruling might not affect online music
From the it-might-be-time-to-brush-up-on-our-headline-writing-skills before-we-go-out-and-start-looking-for-a-job-Department (Indiana Daily Student)

Fear and Loathing 2003 [9.25.2000]
Forrester Research releases a widely anticipated report that concludes that Hollywood and the music industry are in serious trouble. We'd been kinda thinking the same thing.

Bagging on E-commerce trends [9.25.2000]
Net Research firm Jupiter Communications raised some eyebrows with a September press release suggesting that the problem with many online merchants may be that they aren't using enough technologies like Macromedia Flash enough to dazzle visitors to their sites into spending more money. more

I like Rock and Roll CEO Michael Robertson is betting heavily that his controversial service will help his company survive. But space shifting technology isn't the only card up his sleeve. His latest inspiration could lead to deals with big name bricks and mortar players.

Release Late, Release Later
When Steve Case introduced the prerelease of the long- awaited Netscape Navigator 6.0 at last week's Internet World conference in Los Angeles, proclaiming "The Magic is Back", veteran Net watchers could be excused for fighting to contain the giggles. After all, the new version comes two years after the last release from Netscape. Oh well. Better later than never.

The Return of Netscape

The Linux Effect
Fans love it. The markets go crazy at a drop of the word. Yet, for all the hype, ordinary computer users are reluctant to experiment with an operating system notorious for being too complicated for mere mortals to install and use on a daily basis. That may be about to change.The designers who created the revolutionary interface for the Macintosh have announced they will be building a new desktop that may do for Linux what Bill Gates did for Windows

 Do Unto Microsoft [Archives: Spring 2000]
As US District Court Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson weighs the options available to him and selects an appropriate punishment for Microsoft's violation of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act, we've been doing some creative thinking of our own. Throw in a couple of interesting alternatives readers emailed us and we've got a hot little list on our hands.

....Our Top Ten Alternative punishments for Microsoft

It's Your Customer Service, Homer
With billions of dollars at stake in the e-commerce marketplace you'd think Net companies would be going the extra mile to provide outstanding customer service and win consumer confidence. Doh. It doesn't work that way

 Here Comes the Sun [Archives: Fall 1999]
For Years Microsoft Office and WordPerfect from Corel have been pretty much the only viable options for PC users in need of a professional office productivity suite. The release of StarOffice 5.1 changes the picture considerably

Deleting the Weaselspace [Archives: Fall 1999]
They've been there since the beginning. They make life harder for everybody else and soak up our bandwidth without pausing for a second to consider the consequences of their actions. Meet the weasels. The web site designers you keep hearing about who somehow sign clients, make money and win awards - all without knowing a single line of code

Cult of the Dead Cow [Archives: Fall 1999]
Imagine the scene. You're surfing along, minding your own business, on your way to view your personalized stock quotes, or read Wired News, or do whatever it is you do online, when all of a sudden something out of the ordinary happens. more

The Hacker Crackdown [Archives: Fall 1999]
The recent uproar about hacking isn't the first time attention has been focused on the digital underground. Chances are it won't be the last.

On January 15th, 1990 a funny thing happened. AT&T went down

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