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The Raging Bull

Psst...Microsoft's gonna go down baby. Online traders have taken to discussion groups with the enthusiasm previously only shown by teenage girls talking about Ricky Martin and horny computer programmers hanging out in seedy chat rooms.

If you're interested in a company, chances are good there is a discussion group on Raging Bull devoted to the topic. You'll find all kinds of opinion posted here, from expert opinion to beginner's newbie questions.

But take the information you find with a grain of salt. The Net is the perfect medium for spreading rumors - the Markets have already shown a troubling susceptibility to fast moving digital news. Several companies have already gotten into hot water for allegedly spreading phony rumors about themselves, causing their own stock to spike.

News articles in the west coast press have also highlighted another interesting development. Some companies are hiring surfers to hype companies in discussion lists and chat rooms. The strategy has already shown itself to be surprisingly effective, raising questions about company ethics and the role that the SEC and Federal Trade Commission should play in monitoring cyberspace.

Look for more action on this front in the months to come.


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