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Survey says CD Dead by 2005
Posted by netwebly | 11.23.2000

A study conducted recently in the UK suggests that the increasingly popular MP3 file format may help kill off the compact disc by the year 2005. After looking at a sample of a couple of thousand people, market research firm MORI has concluded that the compact disc may well be on its way out.

The study, commissioned by Creative Labs, a company that makes MP3 players and other nifty digital age toys, asked young Britons how they expect their listening habits to change over the next five years.

The response, the market researchers say, is conclusive.

"British youth are at the vanguard of the audio revolution and are leading the rest of society in planning to abandon CDs in favour of MP3, music downloads, digital audio players and portable collections."

"Over a third of all people aged between 15 and 24 believe they will stop buying CDs within 5 years and thirty-three per cent of Internet users can envisage storing ALL their music on a pocket-size portable device within the same time frame."

Bear in mind the results are more than just slightly suspect - as the Register article we link to points out. Surveys are surveys and surveys are usually easily manipulated. And the people behind this survey sell MP3 players.

It seems fairly obvious the CD is in decline, five years?

Last time we checked, a lot of people we know are more than happy downloading MP3s and burning their own CDs. And believe it or not, despite all the noise Napster has made over the last year, there are still people out there who don't know what an MP3 is.

Lets give it ten years.

Survey says CD Dead by 2005

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