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Cult of the Dead Cow
posted by netwebly

Imagine the scene.

You're surfing along, minding your own business, on your way to view your personalized Stock quotes, or read Wired News, or do whatever it is you do online when all of a sudden something out of the ordinary happens.For no apparent reason, a dialogue box pops up on your screen.

It says, "It rubs the lotion all over it's body, yes it does."

What's your reaction?

If you're anything like most people, you probably have a heart attack. Its hardly relieving to know that the incident described actually happened - or is rumored to have. The hacker's line is taken from the horror film The Silence of the Lambs....Never let it be said that all hackers lack a certain malevolent sense of humor to go with the brooding intelligence....

The culprit? CdC

As hacker groups go, the Cult of the Dead Cow have been around a long time, since 1984, which in Internet time is forever.

The group's reputation is probably second to none among on the international hacker scene, mostly because of the group's expert handling of the media - who Dead Cow enjoy toying with almost as much as they enjoy pasttimes like network infiltration, virus creation and boasting about their exploits to their hacker friends.

Years of causing mayhem on government networks and behind corporate firewalls have made Dead Cow a force to be reckoned with in the closely intertwined worlds of Internet protest politics and computer crime.

The group has been responsible for the creation of a widely used hacker tool (Back Orifice - see related article), the posting of dangerous and illegal material, like bomb making instructions and virus code, to go with just about every other conceivable activity calculated to enrage law enforcement and attract media attention to the cause.

...FYI - as every skilled publicist knows, attracting media attention is a relatively easy matter. Just use your computer skills to reposition a couple of telecommunications Satellites and hack the National Security Agency. We'll be all over it before you know what hit you.

Nothing attracts our attention quite like the image of million dollar Satellites falling from the sky and a conspiracy to undermine the the security of the nation. Well almost nothing......baseless allegations of sexual impropriety also seem to work fairly well....

While Dead Cow remains active, and very much a focal point of the hacker scene, it's unlikely that individual Internet users have anything to fear. At this point, the group seems to take a certain professional pride in refraining from attacks on innocent civilians, taking the position that such attacks would represent a serious abuse of power.

That's probably not much consolation if you happen to be an network security expert though...

Take a look at the Dead Cow


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