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Dreamweaver 3.0

The best just got better

Free High Speed Access Arrives

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Wanna e-trade?

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Picking a hosting provider isn't as simple as it should be.

The Red Flag


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The Industry Standard
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The Electronic Frontier Foundation

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Much has changed since the early days on the Net when cyberculture was defined largely by bulletin boards and personal home pages. Nearly anything you could want (and plenty you never imagined existed) is online. Now the only challenge is finding what you're looking for....and keeping up.

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Just as mainstream businesses are taking to the net in record numbers, so are business with less conventional business models.

Distributed networking groups, telemarketers and other promoters saw the money to be made on the web and acted quickly.

The result?

The web site that launched a thousand (annoying) e-mails

The idea that harnessing the buying power of large groups could transform the economy is hardly new.

But the idea that it's actually happening certainly is.

The National Football League wasn't exactly thrilled to hear that a group of Jets fans had put up a web site and organized a seizable bid for the team

Politicians are wising up to the value of the net as a campaign tool. The 2000 campaign is the first election to see both Democratic and Republican candidates playing up to internet audiences.

Still wondering how Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura wound up in office? It might be a good idea to take a look at his web site


It's easy to tune out the uproar about privacy on the web. After all, similar complaints have been around for years. The health care industry, the government and insurance companies have all been accused of prying into Americans private lives over the past twenty years.

The difference this time?

Internet companies have the technology to do anything they want

The Anonymizer

Some Internet industry experts think net companies can be expected to police themselves when it comes to their customers rights online.

Should we trust them?


Forecasting the future is a popular pastime at Internet companies these days. Almost everybody claims to be able to see into the future, whether it's predicting a boom market for internet based postage (us postal service) or a drought for Internet start-ups (the Gantner group).

Faith Popcorn got a head start, writing several influential books on the future of marketing in the United States. In retrospect some of her predictions'll see.

The effect of the Net on education in the United States has already been extraordinary. The way schools and universities present information to students has been redefined.

Coming next?

Services which help students do better in school outside of the traditional education system


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