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Ask most Americans what their favorite obsession is, and odds are you'll get a three letter answer, beginning with s and ending with x.

In case the hint isn't clear enough for you, the word is sex.

It doesn't take much time online to figure out that the Internet may well represent a new phase in the sexual revolution.

If you think the bar scene is strange - try out some of what's going on in our seedier Chat Rooms for size.

People have always been fascinated by Sex, of course, but the anonymity the Net provides seems to have created an unequaled outlet for our more provocative interests.

Dr. Ruth Westheimer, the popular radio show host, made a career out of providing straight-faced answers to her listeners' questions about sex, answering questions like "my wife's clitoris seems to have disappeared - should I be worried?" and ""why do my legs twitch after sex?" in unabashed and almost ruthless scientific detail.

The web site provides answers to these and many other questions in almost encyclopedic detail.

There's also plenty that's unique to the web site - including exciting visitor polls awaiting your participation with provocative questions like "have you had sex today?"

Judging from the response, (Only 14% answered in the affirmative to the question) - if it's real sex you're after, you may want to try a different approach in your quest for nookie.

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