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It was a long wait - but well worth it from the point of view of consumers. In 1999 e-commerce finally began to realize its potential as customers abandoned traditional retailers in record numbers and began making the transition to a web-centered lifestyle.

The business to business market on the web picked up as well, meaning most people were using the web, either at home or at work.

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The skeptics said American consumers would never go for the online grocery.

After all, with few exceptions, people like to be able to buy their groceries and have them the same day, a premise that looked an awful lot like a fatal obstacle for online grocers.

The solution was pretty obvious. Let people do their shopping online and pick up their groceries anytime they want at the local grocery store.

By forging agreements with major supermarket chains and brand name suppliers on the East coast to allow customers to name their price on groceries, Priceline hit on an idea which looks very much as if it will revolutionize the way we shop.

Consumer response in a trial run in New York, Connecticut and New Jersey has been over the top

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Disabled Americans have long argued that Federal laws like The Americans with Disabilities Act don't do enough to protect their rights.

Can the Net help?

Entrepreneurs are betting it can.

They're also hoping they can harness the potential buying power of a group traditionally underserved by retailers.

How noble

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It's Your Customer
Service, Homer...

With billions of dollars at stake in the e-commerce marketplace you'd think Net companies would be going the extra mile to provide outstanding customer service and win consumer confidence.


It doesn't work that way


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_Editor's Note

You'll find more material on e-commerce in The Wired Shopper Category and our section on Net Start ups, including reviews of popular online shopping destinations and services.

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