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Sometimes a company's customer testimonials sum up a web site more eloquently than we ever could.

Consider the brief sample that follows. "We're all smiles and thanking you ever-so sincerely." or "I must tell you when I heard the song with my words added.. I had tears streaming down my cheeks here."

Despite winning honorable mention in our URL most likely to choke a chicken category and permanent enshrinement in the web-designers-who use-pink-and-lime-green-on-the-same-web-page hall of fame, these guys have a clever and saleable idea.

Select a recorded birthday greeting and have it e-mailed to your victim on the date of your choice for $10.

The twist?

Senders can also customize cards with lyrics of their own composition. will record a version of your selection including your own custom lyrics.

Despite the endless obscene and farcical possibilities this scenario suggests, the idea wins at least two netweblies on sheer chutzpah alone.

It's also worth noting that this may be the first Welsh web site we've ever reviewed. It's hard not to picture a Welshman somewhere deep in the heart of Cardiff, hunched over a mike intoning "Ahhhh...happy birthday dear netwebly, happy birthday dear netwebly, haaaapyyyy biiiirthday to yooooooou you."

Thank you Mr. Jones.

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