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Internet Movie Database
Useful. Handy. Somewhat nifty.

These are all terms that come up when you mention relational databases, long considered the playgrounds of geeky computer science-types, the sort of people who are fascinated by incomprehensible (to the rest of us) acronyms and frightening-sounding words like "scalability" and "backwards compatibility."

If that about sums up your opinion of relational databases, take five minutes to surf over to the Internet Movie Database. Five minutes is about all the time it will take before your opinion is completely rewritten. Anybody who is compulsive about movies (or TV for that matter) will find this site almost as addictive as the big screen.

Type in an actor's name. Any actor. An obscure bit player from the fifties or a big name from this years' Sundance Film festival.

In less time than it takes to say modem power your screen will be flooded with the most amazing mess of trivia you've ever seen. It's all here - from detailed filmographies, to famous last quotes, to the complete cast of Heaven's Gate.

The sheer volume of information available is almost overwhelming (hey, this is the Internet, you should be used to that by now) - but surfing a site is rarely this much fun.

It won't be long before this web site pops up and waves hello to you from a Plexiglas Kiosk at your local video emporium.

That's a promise. Even if we have to install the damn things ourselves.

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