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digital film revolution
In the last decade Independent film has come of age in this country. A genre that was once trivialized by studio hotshots and largely ignored by the mainstream media has gained real influence, largely because of the work of prominent filmmakers who started out as independents.

The Internet holds the potential of increasing that influence even more, theoretically offering aspiring artists a wide audience for the sort of low-budget films that in the past had serious problems finding distributors.

Digital distribution has it's drawbacks - true. If you're surfing with a 28,8 net hookup you'd probably be better off with a good book. You'll be half way through the first chapter before your download is complete. On the other hand, higher bandwidth makes delivery times much more tolerable. Using a DSL connection, for example, most short features take under a minute to load. is a good example of the sort of site that will grow in popularity (and influence) as technology catches up. There's plenty to keep you occupied for the better part of an hour, including unlikely-to-ever-become classics like Episode II - The Menace Strikes back, a parody that you'll have to see to believe. Despite it's humble origins, this little net goodie, which is otherwise distinguished by low production values, schloppy special effects and <insert adjective here> acting, has moments - or I should say a moment - when it outshines the Spielberg original.

We'll leave it to you to decide what that means.

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