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Part web guide - part web log - part something else we can't put our finger on.... is a homegrown, filtered, web resource. And what exactly does that mean? Well, to be frank, we're still not entirely sure ourselves. But we think it probably means that this web site is an experiment combining a dose of journalism and sprinkle of objective analysis.

Our focus is on the bleeding edge stuff that is revolutionizing the way the web works. On MP3, Gnutella, Napster - on the emerging digital entertainment industry - on the people and technologies changing the way we live our lives....

Our ambition is both to guide you to important sites in these areas and to give you the background information necessary to understand how things fit together.

If we can entertain you in the process, well, that's part of our plan.

Nov. Update Re: Sitewide Changes

If you've visited netwebly over the last month or so you've probably noticed that things have changed.
We are in the process of upgrading our site, a change we feel will make the guide both easier to use and a little easier on the eyes.

The previous site structure - aka the incredible flying portal, is being abandoned in favor of a more conventional and hopefully more intelligent site structure. The old portal based system is being replaced with what we think is a much more usable design.

Unfortunately, this process will take a little more time to complete. For the time being, some of our older content will be unavailable and some features, like the site search engine, will not be operational. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Any feedback on this process is much appreciated.

Signing up for the netwebly report

If you'd like to receive our free weekly email newsletter, containing links to breaking news stories, our own web coverage and reviews of noteworthy new sites, send an email to with subscribe-netwebly in the subject line.

We moved....
The netwebly guide has relocated.
We've moved from San Diego to Irvine, California, where the streets are clean and the trains run on time. And where the rent ....and where the rent....and where we don't want to talk about the rent.

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On a temporary basis we have suspended advertising on this site. Its not that we're trying to make some sort of point - we just don't have time to keep the content flowing, update the site, and Hey - that's good right? For now you don't have to look at any ads and our pages load faster!!!

For information about advertising with the netwebly guide in the future, email

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