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Welcome to the 21st Century...

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The first thing the 43rd President of the United States should do after being sworn into office (in our opinion)...

... propose legislation mandating an official transition of the federal government to a web-based system of administration, including a specific time frame at the end of which Government agencies will be expected to have updated operations.

It's been clear that such a change is inevitable for some time now. And although most government agencies have been moving in this direction, progress has been uneven.

The Internal Revenue Service runs one of the most successful government programs on the web. The program does everything the Internet is supposed to do - it cuts down on paperwork, eliminates costly delays in processing tax returns and makes enforcement of the law more practical.

In short, the Net addresses the exact issues Republicans and Democrats have been wrestling with on Capital Hill for years.

Government Efficiency and waste.

And the second thing the 44th President should do? Establish a Marshall-type plan to bring American technology to second wave countries lacking the resources to compete in the Global Information Economy.

Before you protest too loudly that this is a job best left to the private sector - ask yourself, do really want companies like Microsoft, America Online and Yahoo determining our foreign policy?

That's exactly what's happening at this very moment

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