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Trouble in Electric Ladyland

Dreamweaver 3.0

The best just got better

Free High Speed Access Arrives

What to Expect

Wanna e-trade?

No thanks

Picking a hosting provider isn't as simple as it should be.

The Red Flag


Software we'd Like to See:

From the people who brought you Autonuke: software to warm your heart. Introducing Bidnessbot

My Web Site is Ugly and I Want to Go home

Don't just sit there. Fix it

Taking your Business online?

Look before you link


The Motley Fool

Cool fool


You're thinking something. Tell us what it is.


Because digerati say the cutest things.
News for Geeks. Stuff that matters.

All the News that's fit to digitize

The Industry Standard
Groks the Web

Wired News
If you're going to San Francisco, be sure to bring a web designer..

The Drudge Report
Hear no evil, See no evil, speak no evil...

The Electronic Frontier Foundation

Fighting for your right to privacy online.




~ Start-ups~
The Wired Economy...

The secret to taking a web site live is no secret. It's all about buzz. Buzz that brings in the venture capital, draws media attention and helps attract personnel to fill key positions.

With what seems like everybody in the country rushing to start an Internet company, cynics can hardly be blamed for comparing today's climate with the great California Gold rush....

See Also - The Industry, Bizplan, Your Web Site, The Wired Shopper

Bootcamp for Start-ups

You've got game - or at least you're pretty sure you do.

You picked up your Ivy league MBA for next to nothing. You've got the required cast of geeked-out techsters, and a bunch of cool computer equipment and category five cable to go with your pool table. Hell, you've even got a thing that looks suspiciously like a business plan sitting on your coffee table. There's only one problem.

You have no idea what you're doing.

The few. The proud. The desperately in need of a crash course in in Net business fundamentals.

Hey Ho, Let's go...

Web sites matching Net start ups with Venture capital are doing a brisk business with no end in sight in the go-go economy. is doing better than most.

The reason?

Founder Guy Kawasaki knows how to think different

He talks different too...

If you're thinking about starting an Internet company, there's a fact you're going to have to get used to.

You're going to need coffee.

Lots of coffee.

Because you're going to be drinking the stuff morning, noon and night as you suffer through month after month of mindnumbing labor.

Forget what the stuff is going to do your body. Order your favorite blends, kill some time researching exotic sounding coffees from places like Bora Bora and Tahiti, even pick up a Bodum or two to impress the incubator people with your knowledge of Silicon valley customs.

So what if the stuff is expensive?

You're pre-IPO. You're worth it

Net Start Ups page 2

_netiquette tip

Under no circumstances refer to the Internet, the World Wide Web or anything else for that matter, as "the Internet Space" in casual conversation.

People will think you silly.

Or pretentious.

And quite possibly both.

The only people allowed to use the phrase "Internet Space" in meetings or at social gatherings are Internet Tycoons and ZDTV reporters.

Net startups page 2

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