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Trouble in Electric Ladyland

Dreamweaver 3.0

The best just got better

Free High Speed Access Arrives

What to Expect

Wanna e-trade?

No thanks

Picking a hosting provider isn't as simple as it should be.

The Red Flag


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From the people who brought you Autonuke: software to warm your heart. Introducing Bidnessbot

My Web Site is Ugly and I Want to Go home

Don't just sit there. Fix it

Taking your Business online?

Look before you link


The Motley Fool

Cool fool


You're thinking something. Tell us what it is.


Because digerati say the cutest things.
News for Geeks. Stuff that matters.

All the News that's fit to digitize

The Industry Standard
Groks the Web

Wired News
If you're going to San Francisco, be sure to bring a web designer..

The Drudge Report
Hear no evil, See no evil, speak no evil...

The Electronic Frontier Foundation

Fighting for your right to privacy online.





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Publishing used to be such a frustrating business. First you had to come up with the backing to start your little rag . Then you had to turn up some slackers to write for you, editors to edit, copy persons to answer phones and brew coffee and finally somebody to run the whole mess down to the printer. Between all that hard work and convincing local merchants to advertise in your dandy little publication there wasn't much time left in the day.

As you presumably already know by now, having lived through the dawning of the age of the Internet, anybody (even a half-dead slug with nothing to his name but an I-Mac and a six pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon) can publish. Not only can they publish - they can advertise, and sell things, and join affiliate programs and bombard the world with their bombastic e-mail and clever little press releases.

I-syndicate is a dynamic content delivery service designed to fill the need for fresh content in a constantly changing world where webmasters and content developers are expected to do the jobs of twelve to fifteen people. (The exact numbers depend on the mood and the whims of the particular person they work for). The system is simple. Just sign up with Isyndicate and paste the site's code into your pages and viola!

Fresh content is delivered to your users and updated on a regular basis. The site's roster of content providers is impressive, ranging from Reuters and AP news all the way through to Wired News, with stops in sports, health and numerous other topics along the way.

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