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The National Football League has given Pro Football fans a lot to cheer about over the years. An exciting sport, legendary players and rivalries, and great moments which will remain etched in our memories forever. Unfortunately, the League has also created a legacy of hostility and bitterness with a long history of official policies which often leave fans feeling ignored or mistreated.

Now, courtesy of the web, along comes a development which could very easily revolutionize the concept of ownership in professional sports, potentially putting the power of leadership into the hands of sports fans. A group of ordinary New York Jets fans have jumped into the bidding for the franchise, which was put up for sale following the death of owner Leon Hess.

An idea which would have sounded a bit loony ten years ago suddenly makes a good deal of sense when you give it it's own web site. Long frustrated Jets Fans seem to think the idea is a brilliant one. According to Internet news magazine the Industry Standard, the group has already received commitments from nearly eight thousand fans over the web, raising the bid to over $17.5 million.

The frightening part?

The group raised the majority of the capital in the only two and a half months since the web site went up in August.

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