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Lockdown 2000
With the very real threat posed by hackers, it's not a bad idea to use software that will protect your system from unwanted intrusion.

Lockdown 2000, from Maine based security company Harbor Telco, is an easy-to-use application that allows you to monitor your Internet connection for hacker attacks.

You'll receive warning (an alarm will sound) if anybody attempts to log on to your system. You'll also be able to use Lockdown as a firewall, blocking unauthorized users from accessing your PC or network over the Internet.

If somebody does try to force their way in you'll be able to (theoretically) follow the attack back to it's source using the program's integrated Whois and traceroute functions.

While interpreting the results requires at least a basic understanding of the IP address system, at least you'll have the evidence you'll need to pursue the matter further with the help of a network administrator or law enforcement.

Lockdown 2000 will also scan your hard drive for hidden Trojan Horse applications like the one used to launch the recent Denial of Service attacks against major web sites.

Remember the best defense is still a good defense.

Editor's note: Since this review was originally published we've come across another security program that may be of interest.

Blackice Defender from networkice does many of the same things as lockdown for around forty bucks. It's not a firewall, but it will monitor attempts to access your connection and block unauthorized traffic.

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