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Coming on Strong - MojoNation
Updated 11.21.2000
Author: netwebly

It's pretty clear that without some method of compensating copyright holders and content providers for free downloads, file sharing services will continue to find themselves in serious trouble.

One of the first applications to take a step in this direction, open-source MojoNation is billed by its creators, Autonomous Zone Industries, as a sort of Napster meets E-Bay.

Micropayments, Baby
By incorporating a micropayment system, a scheme the company calls Mojo, the programmers responsible hope to provide a solution for what they tactfully refer to as the "freeloader problem."

In theory the Mojo system will compensate content providers by providing at least token payment for user downloads. What this will mean in practice, however, remains to be seen.

Bandwidth: an innovative approach
MojoNation hopes to encourage responsible usage by awarding Mojo to users who donate system resources and bandwidth to the network. Given the traffic problems Napster users have caused in the past, this is one element of the company's plan we may well be seeing more of in the future.

Reliability Ratings
A user reliability tracking system, similar to the popular feature on E-Bay that allows users to see the past track records of buyers and sellers could prove a godsend as increasing numbers of surfers take up file sharing.

On the other hand, with dozens of completely free alternatives on the Net, surfers may be less than enthusiastic about participating.
And how willing will the RIAA or MPAA be to party with a company that goes by the catchphrase "Evil Geniuses for A Better Tomorrow?"

Our best guess? Not very.

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