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Aimster goes Global
Posted by My Personalized Webly |12.19.2000

Aimster has announced that it is opening up the latest version of it's software, which allows users to share and download music and other files using AOL Instant Messanger. The company says plug-ins will be available for the new version which will make it compatible with services offered by MSN and Yahoo.

The news means users of the rival messaging networks may be able to communicate
with AOL users for the first time using Aimster as an interface. Looks like Aimster is going to be about a little more than just file sharing....

Aimster is taking e-mail addresses from people who would like to be notified when the new version is available.

Nasty, Nasty E-mail

Posted by Done Webly |12.19.2000

The election is over and George W. is officially headed for the White House. But the bickering, it seems, is far from over. Making the rounds this morning, a nasty, nasty little e-mail poking fun of our new head of state. The message:

"In 1555, Nostradamus wrote: Come the millennium , month 12. In the home of greatest power, The village idiot will come forth to be acclaimed the leader."

Perhaps this is why Al Gore was so gracious in his concession speech......For the opposing viewpoint follow the link.

Get Paid to MP3
Posted by netwebly |12.18.2000

It was only a matter of time before someone came up with this one...
Following in the footsteps of companies like and, Los Angeles-based says it will pay surfers whenever they listen to music on their computers. You ready for the unlimited income earning opportunity of a lifetime, kid? read article.

Forget the Celestial Jukebox,
enter the Global Refrigerator

Posted by She said she was Webly |12.18.2000

It looks like CEO Michael Robertson is giving Dan Rather a run for his money in the random metaphor department.The latest installment of the CEO's semi-regular column introduces Robertson's take on the service - the feature which lets users store their music online and access it using almost any Net enabled device.

"Nobody would tolerate having three refrigerators in their kitchen, each with different foodstuffs in them. Similarly, gaining consumer acceptance of the musical fridge means it must work with all music. At, is our musical fridge..."

In recent months, Robertson has compared the music industry to the power grid, his own company to a utility company, and the CD to almost everything, except of course, the refrigerator. We're ready for the global toaster oven....

Rage Against Management
Posted by netwebly | 12.18.2000

Embarrassed by management's unauthorized decision to ask Napster to ban fans who have downloaded the group's songs, Rage Against the Machine are trying to make up for the mistake by posting almost a full album's worth of material on their web site for free download. The downloads include both MP3 versions of unreleased songs and concert footage from performances earlier this year. snags Atom Films
Posted by netwebly | 12.18.2000

Late last week picked up popular Atom films in a straight stock deal. The move aligns two of the most popular entertainment sites on the web. Macromedia president Rob Burgess will lead the new company. Macromedia stock was up ten percent on the news.

Ogg Vorbis Development Continues

Posted by Webly123 |12.13.2000

The makers of open source audio format Ogg Vorbis vow to keep going, despite the untimely death of sponsor iCast. With the future uncertain for MP3, Ogg Vorbis is seen as the most likely successor to the popular file format. read article

Emusic will stream MP3s
Posted by netwebly | 12.13.2000

In a move clearly intended as a challenge to, Emusic announces it will offer both streams and downloads to members of its all-you-can-eat download subscription service starting early next year. read article

Centerspan picks up Scour
Posted by netwebly2.0 | 12.13.2000

Centerspan technologies has won the bidding to acquire the assets of bankrupt, including the Scour Exchange multimedia file sharing system. The company agreed to pay $9 million for what's left of the Los Angeles based Scour, edging out Liquid Audio and read article.

Alas, fair Riffage...
Posted by netwebly | 12.8.2000

After efforts to secure further funding fail, the lights go out at another troubled dot com., which had looked like a real alternative to sites like and, is no more. goes Pro
Posted by Inevitiwebly | 12.5.2000

Apparently no longer willing to wait for the Napster controversy to die down, has established a pricing policy that asks users who stream its music using the service to pay up. Will they? read article

Alternative Browser set Free
Posted by American Webly | 12.4.2000

After years of domination by Microsoft and Netscape, the browser market may be getting interesting again. This weekend MSNBC reported that Opera software is planning on making Opera version 5.0 for Windows available as a free download starting Wednesday. read article.

Bertelsmann eyes Start-up
Posted by My Personalized Webly | 12.4.2000

In a move likely to provoke another unsightly round of violent desk-pounding and furniture-smashing in Hollywood, Bertelsmann is considering making an investment in another controversial Net start-up embroiled in a copyright suit with the entertainment industry. The German media conglomerate, which came to the rescue of Napster last month, is reportedly on the verge of doing a deal with, a company which markets itself as the Internet-Age equivalent of the VCR.

Musicians raking it in online
Posted by Conventional Wisdom Webly | 12.4.2000

Who says indie musicians aren't scoring big online? Not us. Excite News reports that at least one musician is making the big bucks - even by established industry standards. If what Houston based electronica composer Mike Fair is telling the media is true - he's grossed $160,000 over the last year. hits three quarters of a million songs

Posted by netwebly | 12.4 2000 announced today that it has added song number 750,000 to its massive catalog of MP3s. The company says the milestone, "illustrates the phenomenal growth of the digital music space." estimates that 1,400 songs are added to its databases every day.

Musicians not necessarily raking it in online

Posted by
say-it-ain't webly | 12.4.2000
Making your mark online may be getting easier for musicians,
but making a successful transition to the majors is still a one hundred and fifty five foot hurdle. So far, mainstream success has eluded the first band to sign a major label deal.

A demoralized-sounding Brad King reports for Wired News.

Another Music Piracy Headline
Posted by the walrus was webly | 12.4.2000

Every day thousands of illegal recordings change hands on this notorious and wildly popular web site. Sound familar? Sure it does. This time, however, the site in question is EBay.

Business 2.0 gets webly.

How the Grinch really stole Christmas
Posted by DeFacto Webly | 12.04.2000

People have been complaining about the commercialization of the holiday season for years. Now, with only 21 shopping days left until Santa makes another record shattering trip around the globe to deliver packages to some 300 million rosy cheeked little boys and girls, there's further evidence that they may be right.

A British e-commerce site, , has secured the rights to the name Santa Claus. Now, in addition to owning the lucrative domain name, site owner Steve Bottomley controls the US trademark for the Santa Claus name itself. Meaning, theoretically at least, the company can fire off nasty cease and desist letters to anybody who uses the words Santa and Claus in the same sentence. Apparently unaware of the possible public relations nightmare his deed may have created, Bottomley told the London Daily Telegraph, "You would have thought someone in the US would have done it first. They must be among the most valuable of trademarks." is a property of Bottomley's click and tell media, an e-solutions company specializing in web design, web site hosting, DHTML and - you guessed it - Santa Claus.

The company also specializes in making small children cry and enslaving elves for use in dot com tech support centers.

Radeon Logo!
Napster for Video?
Posted by driving while webly | 11.30.2000
It's something people have been talking about for some time. Something the Movie Industry has been obsessing over for the last five years. And something that may just have arrived... The ATI All-In-Wonder Radeon video card is capable of capturing near DVD quality video reports indie musician/napster chronicles site

Of course, it may be a little early to start talking convergence. Video files take up a huge amount of space, and video transfers take way too long - even using a high speed connection. Not to mention the fact that the inevitable legal battle with Hollywood is likely to make the Napster case look like Little Johnny vs. Greater Podunk City Council.

Angry White Rabbit
Posted by
netwebly | 11.29.2000

A former producer for Jefferson Airplane - the seminal San Francisco psychedelic rock band best known for hits like White Rabbit and Somebody to Love has filed a suit against Napster and parent company Bertelsmann.

The suit raises a question people have been tossing about since Bertelsmann made the deal with Napster late last month. What sort of potential liability problems has the German media giant opened itself up to by siding with the controversial file sharing company?
read article

Thompson on Dubya
Posted by Pappa John Webly | 11.29.2000

If you're a Democrat and Hunter S. Thompson tells you you've lost the Presidential election - well - let's face it - it's over. It's time to concede. The fat lady has sung her sad Weird song and departed. In the latest installment of his new column, which runs - of all the Weird and Unlikely places it could run - on - the man many consider to be the Greatest Living American Journalist declares George W. Bush the winner of our disputed national election for reasons we're completely incapable of paraphrasing. read article

Webcasting authority launches...
Posted by Radio Free Webly | 11.29.2000

The anti-buzz is building following the launch of SoundExchange, the royalty collection agency created by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) to collect licensing fees from web sites that stream digital music. Many webcasters and musicians rights advocates are angry about the plan, saying the industry can't be trusted to act in their best interests

Noah Stone, the head of the LA based Artists Against Piracy, voiced the concerns many independents are expressing in an interview with Wired News "I think that if you believe as I do that in the next five to ten years the majority of music will be performed (or streamed), then we are looking at digital performances and this is going to be a substantial portion of artists' revenues..."

Wired News had the story...

Mr. Cabdriver - The Sequel?
Posted by driving while webly | 11.29.2000

Lenny Kravitz doesn't think Miami police had racial motivations for stopping him on Monday - but that isn't stopping him from having a little chat with his lawyer about the incident. Kravitz was handcuffed and detained for fifteen minutes on a street corner after police responding to a bank robbery call mistook him for a suspect wearing similar clothing.

The musician told reporters he was on his way from a local recording studio to the gym with his trainer when the incident occurred.

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