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It's probably just as well they didn't have stuff as cool as this when I was a teenager or I'd probably never have left my bedroom. I'd have dropped out of high school and wound up working at Seven-Eleven to support my MP3 habit.

Make no mistake about it. The jukebox technology in the new music MusicMatch player is completely revolutionary.

Musicmatch uses a simple browser-type interface to allow you play, catalog and record your MP3 files and other popular audio formats.

But it's the level of customization that MusicMatch supports that really sets it apart.

Playlists can be organized any way you want - by artist - by genre - even by the mood you're in. All this plus CD-quality sound make MusicMatch the real thing.

Plug your stereo speakers into your sound card and chances are good you'll never buy another CD again.

download musicmatch


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