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A glimpse of days to come? Mynapster

Well thought out, well-designed Napster client. Created by the folks at Angry Coffee this may just be your best alternative if you find the official Napster too limiting for your purposes. Search napster, OpenNap, xnapster and the other servers of napsterdom, using a spunky interface that is in many ways an improvement on the original.

If you're curious to know what a commercial Napster might look like in the future, it may pay to take a look at Mynapster. A well-organized interface allows easy management of searches and downloads. Adding and removing servers is about as easy as humanly possible. Connect to mynapster's network and you will be able to search for kind of file you want - including the ambitious series of e-books the company is helping Project Gutenburg distribute.

It's a safe bet that Mynapster's plan to compensate artists for downloads by displaying banner ads and promotional material in the mynapster client itself is the sort of thing we'll be seeing more of in the future. Mynapster is already providing ads to artists who request them. For more info:

Another option you're guaranteed to see on almost every file sharing program before the day is done: a feature which allows surfers to connect with e-commerce sites to purchase cds - something it should be noted they may or may not be interested in doing.

In the event of a public backlash against the Bertelsmann-controlled Napster at any time in the near future, mynapster is almost perfectly positioned to take up the slack.

The only question? What happens when a tidal wave of Napster users hits their servers....

pluses: Versatile. Responsible sharing policy on the mynapster network addresses the problem of free riders by banning users who refuse to contribute files. One of the better and most realistic plans to compensate artists we've seen....

negatives: We'll keep looking. Maybe we'll find some bugs.

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