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Trouble in Electric Ladyland

Dreamweaver 3.0

The best just got better

Free High Speed Access Arrives

What to Expect

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Because digerati say the cutest things.
News for Geeks. Stuff that matters.

All the News that's fit to digitize

The Industry Standard
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Wired News
If you're going to San Francisco, be sure to bring a web designer..

The Drudge Report
Hear no evil, See no evil, speak no evil...

The Electronic Frontier Foundation

Fighting for your right to privacy online.




Er....what exactly is a netwebly, if you don't mind us asking?

Good question.

And the answer is we're not exactly sure. There's some dispute about the origins of the creature. A netwebly is either a semi-mythological being originating in one of the Scandinavian countries, or a distant cousin of the Furby.

We're not sure which.

We do know that the netwebly is a far more advanced than the Furby - the average netwebly has a better sense of smell, a more advanced physiology and a higher vertical leap than the average Furby.

The typical netwebly also has better manners - you won't hear any of that annoying babbling or speaking in tongues from them.

But it's the behavior of the netwebly that we find really interesting - the real reason we chose one as our site's mascot.

It turns out they spend most of their time on the Internet and World Wide Web - sniffing around web sites, investigating things, ordering products from E-Commerce sites, doing stuff like that.

If they don't like a site they don't hang around for long. They're very discriminating creatures - almost finicky. They are basically pretty good little reporters - which is why we picked them. We were really surprised when we found out the domain name was still available.


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