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Most observers would agree that the web is a medium presently dominated by Americans and American companies.

The numbers are changing, but not as quickly as some experts had predicted.

Statistics tell us it won't be long before the majority of those on the Internet at any given time are from other countries - but you can expect American influence and American technology to continue to play a primary role for years to come.

One interesting trend worth noting - even in the United States, some companies are starting to lean towards European and Asian web production teams for projects intended for overseas markets, and in some cases, those intended for domestic consumption.

The reason?

Approaches which work well with American audiences don't do nearly as well with European and Asian surfers.

Cultural differences make both groups much less receptive to American marketing tactics, a problem companies like America Online and Yahoo encountered early on in their efforts to expand across international boundaries.

The Europeans, on the other hand, tend to be much more savvy when it comes to handling such differences, probably because most grow up in cities where neighboring countries are only a few hours away.

European web production teams tend to have better success creating web sites that will appeal to diverse groups - an important consideration when you think about the boundryless nature of the Net itself.

Pixel Park, a subsidiary of Bertelsmann, is among the hottest web production teams in Europe. Recently listed on the Frankfurt Am Rhein Neur Markt, the company remains popular with investors, both in Germany and abroad.

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