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Dreamweaver 3.0

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Free High Speed Access Arrives

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Picking a hosting provider isn't as simple as it should be.

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The Drudge Report
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The Electronic Frontier Foundation

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~Working the Web~

Building Web Site Traffic...

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SearchEngine Watch

Do Search Engines matter?

It's a matter of some debate among web professionals.

The statistics are contradictory. One survey says search engines generate the majority of web site traffic. The next says the key is real world advertising.

Both sides have their proponents.

As with most things, it's likely the answer is neither black nor white - search engines can help generate web site traffic but so can a good advertising campaign. It's probably a good idea to use both strategies if you're serious about developing your web site.

Because of the complex methods different search engines use to index and categorize the web there are literally hundreds of tricks you can use to improve your position in the rankings. Some are as simple as picking the right domain name. Most search engines will return higher position to web sites which include a searcher's keywords in a domain name.

In other words, if somebody is looking for "e-commerce" and you've cleverly remembered to include the word in your domain name, you'll jump ahead of sites that rely on meta tags.

Ever wonder why some web sites seem to have more than one domain name, (and in some cases dozens, or god forbid, hundreds)?

Now you know.

Other tactics are a little less above board - like "keyword stuffing" - a strategy that was popular in the Net's early years.

Since some search engines were believed to return higher position to the web pages that contained the most incidences of a keyword, a bright guy figured out that the way to move up in the search engine rankings was to stuff your pages as full of keywords as humanly possible.

If you're thinking about doing it - don't. Most of the majors have caught on to this trick (and many others) and will respond with hostility if they catch you doing it....they may even remove you from their database entirely or otherwise penalize you.

Net consultant and freelance journalist Danny Sullivan has run Search Engine Watch since 1995, when the site began life as an online report called "A Webmaster's Guide to Search Engines".

The product of all those years of hard work is a treasure for anybody interested in improving their web site ranking, or in understanding the rapidly evolving search engine industry - probably one of the best collections of such information to be found on the web. You'll find plenty of archived articles explaining the subtleties of engine positioning, as well as up-to-date articles covering developments in the industry.

For the serious web professional a subscription to the site's newsletter is probably a wise idea.

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