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It's Your Customer
Service, Homer

It's a given that the Information Age has permanently altered the way we live. But in the process, we've become more dependent than ever on technology, leading to the first great irony of the 21st Century...

Murphy's Law of Customer Service.

Namely, the more you need to use something, the less likely it is to work, meaning, by direct implication, the more likely it will be that you will be forced to call customer service for assistance and find yourself speaking with a person who will generally know less than you do about your problem but who will pretend to know more.

Consider the following evidence.

Customer Service Representatives with the big five Computer manufacturers rely on scripts to answer commonly asked questions from customers. No big deal about that, until you think about how easy the practice makes it for poorly trained employees to slip through the system and end up....on the other end of the phone.

The end result?

Callers who make the mistake of not asking one of the questions exactly as it is worded in the script can find themselves in the twilight zone. Calls are put on hold for what can seem like hours as the rep runs to find a supervisor with the training to provide an acceptable answer. Or even worse, the rep may assume that your description of your problem matches an item on his list, when in reality, it's an entirely separate issue.

It will probably take him a really long time before he realizes he's been fixing the wrong problem. Bad things may happen first.

The situation at a major web hosting company on the East Coast is another case in point. Bear in mind, this isn't a mom & pop company operating out of somebody's garage or basement - this is a huge mulitimillion dollar (probably multibillion) company with clients all over the world.

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