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Ah the romance of revolution.

Orwell. Hemmingway. The Spanish Front. Guernica. Sexy Marxist-Leninist dogma. Blood in the Streets of Chicago. Apocalypse Now. Commander Taco.

Commander Taco?

Commander Taco AKA David Malda is the editor and supreme leader of the slashdot federation, otherwise known as slashdot, a rapidly popular web site recently acquired by AndoverNet.

Slashdot is a new kind of organism.

A web site that blends the boundaries between old journalism and new. An unmoderated forum where web developers and coders discuss and share the latest technology news, specifically breaking developments in the open source community.

Don't be mistaken.

Slashdot isn't about Geeks trading recipes for tasty Linux applications and crusty router jokes. The site is as much about politics - the politics of software and the Internet as it is about anything else.

If you visit, don't expect a lame Linux rah-rah session and chants of Red Hat Red Hat Red Hat. The site is evidence of what the Net is becoming - and of what lies ahead in the year 2000.

It's about the power of a new medium, a medium which is despite all the hype and all the full-page ads by Internet companies in the New York Times, only now just beginning to come into it's own

After all, a global system of virtually instantaneous information-exchange and free discussion does have it's advantages.

And those advantages, as it happens, are three.

1.The power of censorship has been shattered. You no longer have to wait for somebody to tell you what's happening.

You will find the truth on the Net.

Unfortunately, you will also find a great many lies.

2.If somebody tells you what's happening, you no longer have to believe them.

You will find their enemies on the Net.

3.If you are one who knows truth then you have the power to do something about it.

You will discover that you are not alone.

Prophetic? Not at all, it's all been said before, and by much better writers. But for those of us who lived through the dark years before the coming of the Internet it is a great relief to know that we will never be subjected to the sad isolation we knew in the eighties or the aimlessness of the early years of what was, amusingly in retrospect, called by some at the time, the slacker decade.

Forget 2000.

Think about 2001.


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