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The Industry Standard
The rapid growth of the Internet has helped this slick news magazine with a dot com focus grow dramatically.

With an emphasis on the people, deals and companies in the vortex of the Internet economy, the Standard has established a reputation for excellent coverage ... most of the time.

What editors and media critics like to call the buzzword problem may initially put some readers off. A number of the magazine's writers struggle to come terms with the constant barrage of industry hype they deal with every day, with the result that some articles come off sounding uncomfortably close to a journalist's impression of that first year business school lecture that put everybody to sleep.

Excellent coverage by reporters like Jonathan Rabinowitz, and the work of columnists like Harvard Law Professor Lawrence Lessig more than make up for any problems, however.

An excellent web site archives past issues of the magazine and highlights new stories from current issues.

If you need to keep up with what's happening in business on the Net this is an important stop.

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