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The web site designers your mom warned you about

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From the people who brought you Autonuke: software to warm your heart. Introducing Bidnessbot

Taking your Business online? Look before you link
The web site that launched a thousand (annoying) e-mails.

Do unto Microsoft
Our top ten alternative punishments for Microsoft...

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The Toolbox

It's kinda like Yahoo meets
E-Bay meets Sister Act.

Anybody who has ever read a basic book on screenwriting knows that in Hollywood, if you haven't hooked your audience in the first eight minutes of a script the game is basically over.

In web site development the idea is the same, only you'll have a lot less time to get your point across. Many of the strategies that work in the entertainment industry, apply equally if not more so to both basic site development and information architecture.

Grab your audience on the splash page. Keep the flow going. Make a graceful exit and leave 'em waiting for a sequel.

Hmmmmm.....Makes you wonder what kind of web sites Quentin Tarantino and Spike Lee would be building if they had been born a generation later.

Adding Gnutella search to your site
So you're looking for ways to drive traffic to your site and cash in on the file swapping frenzy at the same time?

This free plug-in, like several others available on the market, lets visitors search gnutellanet for their favorite downloads.

This feature is sure to be popular with your visitors. The liability question, however is another matter. Until the courts resolve the case between the RIAA and file-sharing hubs Napster and Scour, it remains uncertain what the legal ramifications of offering a feature like this are.

Proceed with caution.

Anonymous Hosting

It shouldn't come as much of a surprise that a growing number of web site authors are opting to remain anonymous.

The heavy penalties sites face for linking to certain files (as in the case of DeCSS) or providing certain services (see Gnutellanet above), make the advantages of remaining invisible pretty obvious.

This service, offered through the anonymizer privacy site, promises to mask your identity, allowing you to post pretty much anything you want with impunity. Under the circumstances, this is a service that many people will find attractive. Bear in mind, however, that for the time being at least that anonymity is a relative concept.

Piss off people with deep pockets and the odds are they'll find a way to find you.
You are forgiven. You've just spent the last two and a half hours in a meeting listening to a fellow with thick glasses and a grimy beard talk endlessly about "routers" and "nodes" and "triple redundant vaporware" along with a bunch of bizzare, half-baked terms you've never heard of before.

So your head hurts. It's supposed to
A carefully engineered search engine can make your web site easier for customers to navigate - meaning they'll probably find their way to the checkout that much more swiftly. Several big names offer plug n' play web site indexing you can include on your site at little or no cost

Building Practical Web Sites

"The web is an exciting new frontier for countless art forms. But when Web connections get as common as telephones, the most meaningful verbs will not be "browse" and "surf," but "look," "seek," "search," "find," "read," "link," "learn," "use" and "buy." Most people will use the web the way they now use the yellow pages and card catalogs: as means to an end. That end is usually to find something out."

Much has changed since Doc Sears wrote this soon-to-be-echoed-by-many-writers line in his article "Smithing a Practical Web Site" in 1995, but many of the points he makes remain as valid as they were when this piece first appeared.

If you spend more than an hour a day scratching your head and wondering where your site's visitors have disappeared to, you may want to read this.

The Domain Game
As if finding a good domain name wasn't difficult enough already, now along comes a troubling report that warns of irregularities in the way some ISPs are handling the registration process


Ever wonder who comes up with all of these sleek-sounding domain names we're seeing attached to high tech companies these days? Rest assured it isn't company executives that are up coming with them

[ Full Review ]

Eric Ward's URL Wire
Relying on search engines and word of mouth to promote your web site may decrease your businesses life expectancy dramatically.

The secret to gaining attention for your web site?

Reaching the right people

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