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Submitting a site to the guide:

Please bear in mind that the netwebly guide is a filtered web guide. This means only a slim percentage of the sites submitted to our editors are reviewed. Our focus is on specific subject areas including: Napster, digital music, file-sharing, MP3, and entertainment technology. Generally speaking we do not review personal home pages or band pages unless they contain material particularly relevant to the subjects we cover.

If you are an artist distributing music or content on the web and you have a MP3 or web site you would like us to review email Due to the volume of submissions we receive we cannot guarantee a timely response. Please note that we do not currently distribute MP3s. Submissions are for review only.

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After we've processed your submission your address will be deleted from our systems. Because we always review the sites we include in our listings, we may want to contact you for more information. This is not a mandatory field, if you prefer to remain anonymous that's fine with us.

The number of weblys you think the site deserves. We try to be fair when we assign ratings - but we also try to reserve our higher ratings for sites that are useful additions to the Net community and those which are, in our opinion, newsworthy in one way or another.

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You may want to include the reasons why you think your site should be included in the guide here. Press releases should be sent to

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