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digital film revolution
If you don't think there's anything funny about the World Wide Web, you probably haven't looked very hard.

And you've certainly never seen a aspiring youg web developer's face after they've just been told they have to go back and change the font size and color of every single heading in a enormous many-paged web site without the benefit of dynamic site-generation tools.

(True story. It happened to me once, back when I was still toying with the idea of making a living developing web sites. Trust me. The look on my face was not a smile. It was the look of a man about to completely loose his grip on reality, which perhaps I did (for a few hours) do. In retrospect it's funny. At the time it was .. #%@#6$%#$!)

There's no shortage of subject material for cartoonists on the web - annoying e-commerce sites, self-destructing PC's with woody allen-like personality disorders, shoddy software and, of course, all of geekdom to poke fun of.

What more could a satirist ask for?

Userfriendly is a strip that's rapidly gaining popularity, spawning a following of devoted fans and even a softcover book.

Some of the humor may be lost on newbies to the net, but web developers and experienced netizens will have a big giggle.

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