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Napster Use Rises at Historic Pace
News Report/Analysis by netwebly 10.10.2000

According to a report released by digital entertainment research group Webnoize, Napster use surged to another all time high last month. Fueled by interest generated by publicity surrounding the second round of the trial between the recording industry and the high-flying file-sharing company the number of downloads over Napster's servers reached a staggering 1.4 billion in the month of September.

Previous research has shown that Napster use has grown at an astonishingly rapid rate over the last year - faster, in fact, than any other application in Net history, including past phenoms like the original Netscape.

Webnoize also estimated that during the same month on average 640,000 people were connected to Napster at any one time.

In a finding that will be interpreted by many digital music fans as a positive for Napster, the group also released more numbers suggesting that Napster use has a positive effect on CD sales. Webnoize analysts found that the proportion of college age students who spend more than $20 a month on CD purchases has again increased - rising from 45% to 52% over the first 5 months of 2000.

Matt Bailey,the Webnoize analyst who led study, said "The significance of our findings is that, regardless of whether the legal system decides that Napster operates illegally, demand for its service is staggering"

the Webnoize press release

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