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Trouble in Electric Ladyland

Dreamweaver 3.0

The best just got better

Meet The Weasels

The web site designers your mom warned you about

Free High Speed Access Arrives

What to Expect

Wanna e-trade?

No thanks


Software we'd Like to See:

From the people who brought you Autonuke: software to warm your heart. Introducing Bidnessbot


Taking your Business online?

Look before you link


The web site that launched a thousand (annoying) e-mails.

Do unto Microsoft

Our top ten alternative punishments for Microsoft...

The Motley Fool

Cool fool


You're thinking something. Tell us what it is.


Because digerati say the cutest things.
News for Geeks. Stuff that matters.

All the News that's fit to digitize

The Industry Standard
Groks the Web

Wired News
If you're going to San Francisco, be sure to bring a web designer..

The Drudge Report
Hear no evil, See no evil, speak no evil...

The Electronic Frontier Foundation

Fighting for your right to privacy online.




Web Stuff

You don't have to be a Geek to appreciate all of the free software and other goodies floating around in Cyberspace.

But it helps.

Have a problem with your PC or Mac? Want to make it do something it can't (or won't) do? Chances are somebody has come up with a program that does exactly what you want.

See also ~ affiliate programs, design, hosting a website

StarOffice Suite

For Years Microsoft Office and Wordperfect from Corel have been pretty much the only viable options for PC users in need of a professional office productivity suite.

Sun MicroSystem's release of StarOffice 5.1 changes the picture considerably.

What do we like about it?

It's cool.

It's innovative. And, oh yeah, it's absolutely free.

Here comes the Sun


It's official.

Microsoft owns the browser market, a fact which distresses many long time Net users, not to mention the U.S. Justice Department.

The remedy?

Download the competition

Disappearing Inc.

The simplicity of using email to communicate with friends and coworkers has revolutionized communication and commerce.

But what you include in your email can land you in hot water.

Disappearing Inc. has the solution


A hot new startup has the kind of product that silicon Valley executives have been dreaming about since the glory days of Netscape's IPO

Amigo 2000

You love your boss.

And your boss loves you. Yet somehow you get the feeling life would be sweeter if you could show him (or her) what you're all about.

Show 'em who's really boss with this slick program to generate really cool charts and graphs for your presentations and web pages.

The MP3 craze has seen the release of what seems like hundreds of competing players web surfers can use to download and organize MP3 files.

The latest generation of MP3 players puts a digital jukebox on your desktop

Wanted Jobs

With so much out there, the best job hunting strategy may be one that combines the latest technology with a little brain power.

Put your own job bot on the case

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Microsoft owns the market. Meet the competition

Bootcamp for Start-ups
Start up your start-up


The Shopping Cart

Bigger isn't always better. Small web merchants fight back

Going shopping?

Save money the old-fashioned way. Pay less.

Looking for a job? Stop wasting your time. Download Hotjobs2000

The Affiliate Question

Should you or shouldn't you?
The answer? Nobody is quite


Live fast. Die young. Leave a good looking web site

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