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Picking a hosting provider isn't as simple as it should be.

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Wired News
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The Drudge Report
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The Electronic Frontier Foundation

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~The Wired Shopper~

The grapes of web...

Related Topics ~ e-commerce, shopping portals, general internet

Here's a shocking statistic for you to contemplate.

More than one hundred and fifty million Americans live more than a two-hour drive from a decent bottle of wine. (Source - The netwebly guide bureau of statistics).

That's a little farther than most people are willing to commute for a bottle of wine, even a really good one. is one of growing number of e-businesses that provide such crucial necessities of life to the underprivileged classes living an uncomfortable distance away from the closest urban center.

While the stock here would certainly not pose a threat to a good wine seller, there's a fine selection of moderately priced and inexpensive wines as well as more than a few bottles of the good stuff.

The site provides a fair amount of background material to help you shop, offering plenty of information about wine, a drink which while always popular in the United States, has never really been serious competition to beer and hard liquor in the American marketplace.

You'll find suggestions about which wines you should serve with dinner and which you should avoid. If you're serving chicken or fish as an entree you'll probably want to serve a dry white wine to avoid overwhelming the delicate flavors of your main course. On the other hand, a full-bodied red wine goes well with red meat or lobster. Then again, if you lean more towards veggieburgers - an inexpensive Chianti will probably suit you just fine.

You'll also find some fairly interesting wine trivia you may not know. For example, you probably already knew that a glass of red wine a day helps reduce your chance of having a heart attack, but did you know that some doctors consider a glass of wine every day the perfect cure for problems having to do with aging, obesity and anorexia?

Help yourself to a bottle of 1985 Chateau Cos d'Estournel from the St. Est├Ęphe winery, in Bordeaux.

We'll bring the cheese. Let's say about seven.

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