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Somewhere in the clouds high above the earth, George Orwell is reclining on a divan with a sour look on his face and a Mai Tai in his hand.

The society the great English writer predicted in his science fiction classic "1984" and condemned in "Animal Farm" is beginning to look a little less like fiction as the digital revolution makes it abundantly clear that 20th century concepts like privacy are becoming no more than quaint footnotes in our history databanks.

For less than hundred dollars anybody can install WinWhatwere on a PC, or on a full network in less than an hour. Primarily intended for use by government agencies tracking criminal activity and employers concerned about employee fraud and mispent time on the job, WinWhatWhere is a stealth program that remains undetectable to users as it operates behind the scenes on your desktop, capturing every keystroke entered on the keyboard, every movement of your mouse,

The frightening thing is not that software like WinWhatWhere exists, it's how quickly the technology is spreading and how little public resistance there is to the idea.

Some politicians have recognized the extent of the problem. A California congresswoman recently sponsored a bill making it illegal for employers to examine employee e-mail without notification.

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